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February 23, 2018

Price Family, Fresh 48

Kim Cook

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When it comes to babies, things change…fast! This is exactly how Legare and Krista felt when they found out their upcoming baby was now upcoming babies! Those of us who have been there before know that, before too long, those babies do not seem so much like babies any more.

Andy Stanley said it best when he shared, “The days are long, but the years are short.” Krista and Legare spent most of the past year preparing, planning, and praying, and it can sometimes feel like it is never going to happen. Then, Everly and Kaynan made their awaited appearance into the world.

There is so much time spent waiting for this moment, and when it happens you want to stop time and simply stare in adoration at these bundles of joy. That is why these sessions have quickly become so precious to me.These first few days with your new baby (or babies) are so magical and raw, capturing these moments helps them to live on forever.

The Price family, now consisting of Krista, Legare, Landyn, Everly, and Kaynan, is a family of strength and love. As their number has gone from 3 to 5 in a matter of blinks, these special moments will always remind them of the growing love of Christ within their family. I was honored and blessed to be able to witness and capture this unforgettable experience.

Congratulations Price family!

Photos by Kim Cook, Associate Photographer (Meet Kim)

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